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I write on film and about people doing interesting things. Subjects that interest me are film, media, modern culture, social/environmental/health issues, psychology, sexuality, and spirituality.

I enjoy writing profiles and spotlights on curious, interesting, provocative, brave people. I recently wrote for Hana Hou! (Hawaiian Airlines Magazine) on the uber-cool surf town of Pa'ia (Maui) going plastic bag free. I’ve had the opportunity to write on Tania Katan for The Advocate. Her book "My One Night Stand With Cancer" is an atypical (and surprisingly hilarious) memoir about her two-time battle with breast cancer. Also recent is a film festival round-up of CPH: DOX, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival. They embody an inspiring out-of-the-doc-box philosophy, add "smart, open, aesthetic" to the mix.

A while ago, I wrote in the Bamboo Brother (AKA Blair LeMire) for Whole Life Times -- he’s on a mission to help the planet by spreading the love (and seed) of bamboo. I've also written on the Spiritual Cinema Circle and a bunch of indie documentaries, including from Sundance and the Maui Film Festival.

Past interviews with Don Roos (Happy Endings) and Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale) are up on the Nerve.com site (links on my clips page), as is Sundance coverage. An interview with the filmmakers from What The Bleep Do We Know is on the Salon.com site. I’ve enjoyed writing for Mediarights.org and having the opportunity to cover social issue documentaries. Coverage of documentaries at the Sundance Film Festival and interviews with filmmakers Hank Rogerson (Shakespeare Behind Bars), Jenni Olson (Joy of Life), Mark Becker (Romantico), Ricki Stern (The Trials of Daryl Hunt), Shelby Knox (subject of The Education of Shelby Knox), Lynn Hershman-Leeson (Strange Culture) and many more are on their site.

Recent interviews include Adrian Grenier and documentary master Frederick Wiseman (for DOX Magazine, the European Documentary Magazine). Also in DOX is an interview with filmmaker Eric Daniel Metzgar and Nicolas Kristof from Sundance, about Metzgar's documentary "Reporter" which features Kristof and the catastrophe of war-ravaged Congo. I've covered the Toronto Film Festivals for DOX, and a piece I'm quite proud of on Web 3.0 and filmmaking - The Semantic Web - is published there (which also highlights BAVC's brilliant Producers Institute for New Media Technologies.)

I started out writing on Youth Media. My first published piece was for The Independent Film and Video Monthly. It was called Toxic Avengers, and it was about a group of inspiring (and brave) high school students (and their teacher) who produced a series of documentaries investigating illegal toxic waste dumping near their hometown of Middetown, New York. Actually, now that I think about it, my first piece that found its way into "print" was an interview with filmmakers Woody and Steina Vasulka. It was published in an upstart rag called Stet that some of us upstart (at the time) college kids put together at Dartmouth, where the Vasulkas were Artists-in-Residence, teaching us film students all sorts of wild ways to make video art by distorting television signals and the like.

Other journalism work, including film festival coverage, has appeared on IndieWIRE, Huffington Post, Nerve.com, International Documentary, Tikkun (Reviews of Trembling Before G-d and The Believer), The Miami Herald, DOX, Hawaiian Airlines Magazine (Hana Hou!), BlackBook, Out Magazine, Biscayne Times, the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, and the Australian Bamboo Society Newsletter.

I’ve written a few feature scripts and was once hired to do a rewrite on a "B-Movie" that was (as the story goes) to be directed by Menachem Golan. The film never got off the ground, but chatting with Golan about the script and all of its B-Movie elements was enlightening and fun. I never expected to work in that genre, learned a lot and enjoyed it. I’ve written my share of poetry and prose and have a novel or two in me down the line.

I’m always interested in great assignments which I balance time-wise with my screenwriting. You can contact me if you have journalism or screenwriting needs. Clips URL is here again... Google is also helpful. Bing too?